Welcome to Danoffice ITs webshop

Danoffice IT web shop is a business to business solutions. Our web shop consists of more than 1 million part numbers distributed in 9 categories.

We always do our best to modify our web shop to accommodate your business needs and processes. It is possible integrate our web shop to your purchasing portal including Basware, SAP, Servicenow, ect. delivering a PUNCHOUT solution.

Your enterprise catalogue will be available as a one click solution on the web page, and our shop is designed to make sure, that every day business runs smoothly and easily. Your catalogue or selection will be available through a direct link, including product information, support information, and contact information.

The benefits from using our web shop are great. It can secure a more efficient purchasing process. You will be able to check on delivery time and inventory online, and the shop is always open.

Danoffice IT web shop are an e-commerce solutions servicing customers all around the world. In the greater Copenhagen area, we also offer the possibility of delivery by our own chauffer.